Frequently Asked Questions


Do you support work/life balance?
We recognize that people need to have a healthy work/life balance to be productive, motivated and engaged in their professional and personal lives. Although after-hours work will happen from time to time, we focus on making sure that extra time is carefully managed.

Where are your positions located?
The majority of our positions are located at a remote project site in Western Canada.The position would require employees to work a number of days in a row, followed by a number of days off. Work days are normally 10 hours in duration. Camp accommodation and meals are provided to employees who are not local residents. The travel program to the project site may take a variety of forms, and may not always include a flight program.

Are pre-access drug and alcohol tests required?
Clients may require pre-access drug and alcohol testing prior to going on-site and performing work. The testing requirements pertaining to the drug and alcohol program will be made clear to the employee at the time of hire.

What’s important to Tarpon Construction Management when hiring?
We look for a balance of skill sets and knowledge, ability to learn and grow, motivation and alignment with our core values when hiring employees. Our core values focus on Communication, Integrity, Leadership, Passion, People, Quality, Safety, Team Spirit and Value Creation (click here to learn more).

Do you offer health benefits to your employees?
Yes. Tarpon Construction Management has a competitive health and dental benefits program for regular, full-time employees. For employees located in the field and are out of scope of the collective agreement, the extended benefits program starts the first day of employment – there’s no three month waiting period to worry about.

What is your philosophy on safety?
Tarpon Construction Management has a knowledgeable and experienced safety team who are dedicated to the well-being of our employees. Their aim is to enhance employee safety through effective and consistent implementation of our safety program, including processes for continuous improvement and adherence to client and regulatory requirements.

Why should I work for Tarpon Construction Management?
We value work environments that encourage learning and teamwork. Employees have the opportunity to grow and challenge themselves within the organization. We recognize the efforts employees make to successfully carry out their responsibilities. By creating and enhancing a work environment which supports these endeavours, we believe employees appreciate coming to work every day.